About us

The Friends of Community Radio is a monthly giving program designed so that you can personally support the health of the campus and community radio sector in Canada. Campus and community radio in Canada dates back to 1922 and in that time has grown to 172 stations across the country! Our stations broadcast in more than 63 languages, have more than 10,000 volunteers, are hotbeds of local music of all genres, are working to challenge inequities, and are significant contributors to local economic development. New stations are popping up all the time, but as volunteer-driven not-for-profits, many of our stations live on shoestring budgets and lots of passion.

We are also a national voice fighting to preserve and expand space for local radio that cares more about people than profits. Plus, we work on special projects like !earshot, a national chart of new music played on our stations, the disAbilities Handbook, the Ontario Independent Music Archive, our online voting app, the Regulatory Survival Guide and more! (Not to mention Resonating Reconciliation, helping reconcile all Canadians to our shared history of Indian Residential Schools, the Sounds Cooperative Handbook to help communities start their own station, our new Copyright Handbook, the Women's Hands and Voices project, and the Dig your Roots project that provided a platform for emerging artists in under-represented genres.)     
Since 1986, the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) has helped individual stations work with the CRTC and understand the regulations, live up to ideals of equity, accessibility and social justice, and provided opportunities for training and skills-sharing between stations.

More than anything, in the current age of corporate media consolidation, we believe it's important to protect, preserve and expand places where a diversity of local voices, music and perspectives can access the public airwaves. And you can help!  

How does it work?

If you know and love your local community radio station, you know that most stations run annual funding drives (Fun Drives, Radio-thons, membership pledge drives, you get the idea) where you get to hear directly from show hosts about why donating is so important, feel a part of something bigger, sometimes support specific projects like saving for a new tower, AND there's fun swag! (We really love us some swag.) We have designed the Friends of Community Radio program in a similar way.

Once you sign up, the money gets debited from your account or charged to your credit card each month until you decide to cancel it. You are free to cancel at any time. In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on what's happening in your community, across Canada, and with the international movement for community radio.